Fancy Pink Diamond, Oval Shape, Render, 3D Model

Vivid Blue

Diamond material
Photo-realistic stone rendering is one of the essential topics in jewelry visualization. Especially when we are talking about fancy colored diamonds. We made a long and painful way to gain an outstanding realistic result. We were inspired by rare fancy colored diamonds by Graff. Their diamonds are considered one of the best on the market and we decided to follow their perfect quality. You will see below 9 most used diamond shapes presented in a rare sky blue color.

Round Shape

The most frequent diamond shape is round. A perfect modern brilliant cut

Oval Shape

Oval shaped diamonds became a new fashion icon this season, vivid blue color

Cushion Square Shape

Cushion looks more saturated because of numerous facets

Princess Shape

A gorgeous celestial princess

Marquise Shape

Marquise shape is more pale and gentle but still in the same bluish color grade

Pear Shape

Emerald Shape

Emerald looks misterious

Radiant Shape

This color in combination with the radiant shape looks terrific. Could definitely say that vivid blue was invented for radiant cut)

Baguette Shape

Almost like a real unicorn))
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