On-body rendering. Hands. Part 1
Body rendering
We are sure that you many times wondered how to engage your catalog jewelry images with your dearest customers, how to make your content more "alive" and close to the client. One of the most efficient tools is on-body rendering. This instrument gives you plenty of opportunities at once. First, you solve the problem of showing the item in real dimensions. Second, you can represent a match of fancy colored stones or gold colors with the skin tone. It's a good option for indecisive and doubting customers. Third, you can change hand poses and background easily.

How it's made? Well, the process is very similar to the real-life ring wearing. You just put a 3D model of the ring on the 3D hand and this is it))

Working on this project we wanted to present the on-body rendering advantages and ways of integrating 3D content possibilities. Naturally, we met some challenges while elaborating but as always we struggled bravely. Let's explore what options we can offer.

Skin color
Hand rendering gives you unlimited tries to experiments with skin tone. You can pick just one right color or combine all of them in slides for example.

The main challenge was to make the skin texture nice and natural, realistic enough that you can't tell if it a render or a photo. The texture should lie without any roughness and the skin tone should be smooth and homogeneous.
Nail color
Right nail polish color could make the hand look even more elegant. Depending on the mood of your jewelry it can be calm nude shades or vivid juicy colors. Our favorite shade is subtle beige which doesn't distract much your attention from jewelry piece.
Background color
Ring rendering on the 3D hand has one strong privilege - the jewelry is rendered in the same scene settings and lighting as the hand does. The jewelry unites and merges with the skin reflections and shadow as in real life. It gives the homogeneous picture where the ring is not standing out but looks nice and appropriate. That is beyond of the rich for combined substitution method when you add 3d ring models on the real images for example.
Hand poses
Work your imagination! Hand poses and gestures can be changed.

Here are some useful tips for choosing a good hand position:

- keep the focus on the jewelry
- take into consideration real hand abilities
- create a mood that suits your jewelry

We hope this article was useful and now you've got the full idea of how 3D on-body rendering can be implemented in your jewelry business. In the meanwhile, we are preparing "On-body rendering. Hand. Part 2" where you could find other services, such as artistic backgrounds for hand images and other creative content for your social media.

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