"Diamond petal" ring
Jewelry design
Hi everyone, hope you're doing well! Here is one of our in-house designs "Diamond petal" ring. While dealing every day with the client's orders we need to steal some minutes to fulfill our artistic needs in designing jewelry.

The design of this ring came spontaneously as you can see from the sketch. Pear cut stones turned into petals, pave rows - into improvised little branches. It was planned to use all 3 gold colors in the item, yellow gold for the central fancy yellow diamond, pink gold for pears and white gold for the shank. Only in the process, we thought, wait, let's make all in white gold, should be a gorgeous engagement style? Let's see what we got.
The modeling part was rather simple here as we got the full picture of what we need to achieve from the beginning. And the sketch reflects the idea clearly so it just needed to be done in 3D
Product file
We are always ready to think hard over the casting system supports. For the producing companies is essential to consider all the casting nuances such as dimensional allowance or excess metal, the correct division into parts, etc. The stl file is ready to print

Visualisation (Rendering)
We made two variants of the still visualization with colorless diamonds in white gold and a colored one. Fancy yellow center diamond is very pure as commonly round shaped colored diamonds have very subtle and clear color. Pear cut is one of the most difficult stones to render as it has so many facets on the pointed side. But we managed to maintain the light pink shades in it.

The white version of the "Diamond petal ring" could be an original and quite impressive engagement ring style, don't you think?
Digital animation
The more complex jewelry design is - the simplest animation is to go with. A kind of proverb that we learned from our endless experiments.

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